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October 30, 2011 PDF Print E-mail

October 30, 2011

Prayer Group                                                                                        8:30 AM
Sunday School Classes                                                                        9:30 AM

Children and youth meet in the church basement.  Adult classes gather in the church sanctuary today for Wired Word, combining scripture and news of the day for discussion.  A Bible Study class meets in the basement outer office classroom this week studying the Names of God and the meaning of “Created in Our Image” of Genesis 1.            

Notes & Announcements                                                                 10:25 AM
Worship Service/All Saints Day                                                      10:30 AM

Singing: There is a Redeemer –Power Point/Piano
There is a Place –Blue Book # 5/Piano

Hearing the Word
Scripture:  Psalm 43:1-5 by Pat Zook
Singing: As the Deer –Power Point/Piano
Scripture:  Matthew 23:1-12 by Chris Payne
Singing: Will You Let Me Be Your Servant –Blue Book # 307
Children’s Story: Darrell Zook
Message: ‘Why Others Wanted God’s Holy Hill’ –Psalm 42 & 43

Response to the Word
Singing:  Faith of the Martyrs –Blue Book # 413
Pastoral Prayer
Offering: Mennonite Disaster Service/Offertory by Jen Hopwood

Sending Song: We Are People of God’s Peace –Blue Book # 407

Potluck Meal/Gift Shower                                                            Noon
After the noon meal, we welcome John Roger Knapp with a gift shower and congratulate his parents, Nora and Chad Knapp.  

This Week:
Today: Noon Potluck/Baby Shower for John Roger Knapp
Today: 1:30 Financial Peace University Session
Tuesday: 7:30 Monthly Deacons Meeting
Wednesday: 5:30 Beef & Noodles /6:00 AWANA
Thursday: 11:30 Golden Age Harvest Meal in PMC basement
Saturday Night: Turn clocks BACK before bedtime to CST

Looking Ahead:

November 9: 7:30 Monthly Church Council Meeting
November 18: 6:00 Youth Soup Supper/7:00 Fall Auction
November 20: 7:00 Community Thanksgiving Worship Service
December 4: 2:45 Care Center Worship/3:00 Long Term Care Worship
December 22-23: MCC Meat Canner at Cantril, Iowa

Tithes & Offerings on November 6 will support the General Fund of the Church that pays for building care, curriculum, salary and other expenses.

Fall Harvest Meal for the ‘75 & Better’ folks is Thursday, November 3 at 11:30 at the Church.  Visit with Pat Zook if you’d like to help decorate or serve at the meal that day. 

The Youth Soup Supper & Fall Auction
is Friday, November 18 with soup at 6:00 with donations for the youth group.  The 7:00 auction proceeds will benefit the ministry of Central Plains Mennonite Conference and will replenish the Funeral Committee Fund.  Baked goods, home made items, dinners in your home and other personal contributions are welcome.  Visit with Dave Schooley if you’d like to know more about the auction.

Homecoming/Baby Shower for Kevin and David Yoder is Sunday November 20 after a noon potluck meal.  More details to come.

Washington Mennonite Church
is hosting a Dessert Theatre entitled “Waiting . . . “ on December 1, 2 & 3 at 7:00 PM at the Washington Mennonite Church.  Brochures with registration information may be found on the Reading Table in the church foyer.

How to Deal With Retirement Health-Care Costs, Meat Canning Crew Visits Haiti, A Kansas Church Opens a Thrift Shop for Building Materials and Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP) Opens Office at Davis County Hospital are feature articles on The Pastor’s Page of the Church Bulletin Board.

Advent & Christmas Notes: Awesome Deeds We Do Not Expect is the theme for Advent Worship from November 27 through Christmas.  The Christmas Eve Service is Saturday evening December 24 at 5:00 PM with rehearsals on Sunday, December 18 after lunch at the church and Wednesday, December 21 at 6:00 PM. Sunday, December 25 (Christmas Day) worship will begin at the usual time of 10:30 AM with no Sunday School classes that day.

What Is In Your Church Mailbox? Check All That Apply
__November Activity/Worship/Birthday/Anniversary Calendar
__Tickets for Disney World
__Bulletins from Sunday’s you might have missed
__News from the Church Around the World
__Stories from Mennonite Mission Network
__ Certificates for free pizza

Men of Integrity devotional guides for November/December may be found on the Reading Table.

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