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June 12, 2011 PDF Print E-mail

June 12, 2011

Prayer Group                                                                                        8:30 AM

Sunday School Classes                                                                        9:30 AM

Children and youth meet in the church basement.  The adult class is The Wired Word, meeting in the  East Wing of the Sanctuary.  A short term Bible Class entitled The Basics on Understanding the Bible will be offered starting June 26 with The Pastor, Alan Henderson and others.      

Notes & Announcements                                                                   10:25 AM
Worship Service                                                                                  10:30 AM

Singing: We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise –Power Point/Piano
Spirit of the Living God –Power Point/Piano

Hearing the Word
Scripture:  Numbers 11:24-30 by Keith Amstutz
Scripture: 1st Corinthians 12:3-13 by Pat Zook
Singing: There are Many Gifts –Blue Book # 304
Children’s Time: Bible School Songs
Message: “Pentecost: God Sends Us to Interpret the Faith”

Response to the Word

Singing: Heart With Loving Heart United –Blue Book # 420
Pastoral Prayer
Offering: Vacation Bible School/Offertory by Jen Hopwood

Sending Blessing
Closing from Bible School Songs

Offerings on June 19 will support Central Plains Mennonite Conference.

This Week:
Today: 2:30 Bible School Last Session/Walking Taco Supper
Tuesday: 7:30 Church Council Meeting
Monday-Tuesday: 1st & 2nd Grade Camp at Crooked Creek
Wednesday-Friday: 3rd & 4th Grade Camp at Crooked Creek
Thursday-Sunday: Central Plains Conference at Moline, IL
Looking Ahead:
June 19-24: 4th & 5th Grade Camp at Crooked Creek
June 26-July 1: 5th & 6th Grade Camp at Crooked Creek
July 30-31: 150-Year Celebration/Patty Shelly Songster/Speaker

Bible School concludes this afternoon with the final session starting at 2:30.  The session will end with a short program and then a Walking Taco lunch will be served for VBS students, helpers, family and friends.

Thank-you for your recent gift of $773.00 in support of our mission family with Wycliffe Bible Translators in linguistic work.  –Wycliffe Offices

Micah Zook
has been working and preparing during staff orientation week at Crooked Creek Christian Camp.  The staff commissioning service was Thursday evening.  Micah will be working at Lakeside Mennonite Camp near Knob Knoster, MO this week and returning to Crooked Creek on June 19.

The Central Plains Mennonite Conference meeting is in Moline, IL from Thursday evening through Sunday morning.  Full schedules and registration packets are available on the reading table in the church foyer.

DeWayne Lawson will bring the message on June 19 as the pastor is at the annual Central Plains meeting.  DeWayne is the father of Amy Wuthrich and Kim Cowger, and, recently retired from 30 years of pastoral ministry.

Kitchen Duty!
Pulaski Mennonite Church is listed for kitchen duty at Crooked Creek Christian Camp on Sunday, July 3 from 4:00-7:00 PM.  Two persons are needed.  Contact Chris Payne if you’d like to serve.  Thanks!

The PMC Youth Group
has been selected for a 2011 Governors Volunteer Award for highway clean-up work, nominated by Paul Trombino from the Iowa Department of Transportation.  A recognition ceremony and reception is June 24 at Linn-Mar High School in Marion.  See bulletin board for letter.

Company’s Coming!
John Bergens, Roy Kaufmans, Del Epps, Darrell Paynes, Marv Hostetlers and Susan Wallace are  folks who’ve sent notes about attending the 150-Year Anniversary July 30-31.

The 150th Anniversary Page is on the Church Bulletin Board.  Please visit the board to scan mailing label pages to make corrections and to write other names and addresses we might use in sending invitations.  Watch for changing pictures and information.  And, the church website at carries 150-Year anniversary schedules.

Romance Novels
Can be as Addictive as Pornography, Why Romance Novels Aren’t Emotional Porn, Goshen College Board Reverses Decision on Anthem, and What Would Jesus’ Commencement Speech Say? are feature articles on The Pastor’s Page of the bulletin board.

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