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February 19, 2012 PDF Print E-mail

February 19, 2012

Prayer Group                                                                                        8:30 AM

Sunday School Classes                                                                        9:30 AM

Children and youth meet in the church basement.  Adult classes gather in the church sanctuary today for Wired Word, discussing scripture and news of the day.  A Bible Study class meets in the basement outer office room with the Timothy Keller series The Reason for God

Worship Service                                                                                10:30 AM

Singing: The Love of God –Piano/Power Point/Red # 538 (Vs. 1 & 3)

Hearing the Word
Scripture: 2 Kings 2:1-12 by Chris Payne
Scripture: Mark 9:2-13 by Keith Amstutz
Singing: Open Our Eyes Lord –Piano/Power Point
Children’s Story: Sandra Amstutz
Message: “Elijah and His Personal Flying Machine” or “Taking Your                       
Place in the Kingdom of Heaven.”  -2 Kings 2:1-12

Responding to the Word
Singing: Fairest Lord Jesus –Blue Book # 117 (Vss. 1, 2, 3, 4)
Pastoral Prayers
Offering: Church General Fund/Offertory-Jen Hopwood

Sending Song: Take My Life –Blue Book # 389 (Vs. 1, 2 & 6)

on February 26 will support the Forney Mission Family.

Davis Center Worship Service                                                           2:00 PM
Paul Ramseyer will lead the worship service—singers are appreciated.  Youth and others are invited to play bingo with residents after the service.

This Week:
Today: 2:00 Davis Center (Country) Worship/Bingo with residents
Wednesday: Ash Wednesday . . . Lent begins
Wednesday: 5:30 Soup/6:00 AWANA
Looking Ahead:
February 26: Parent/Child Dedications in Morning Worship/Meal at Noon
February 28: 7:00 Education Commission/Bible School/Curriculum Plans

A special Thank-You
to the Mennonite ladies who prepared and served our delicious luncheon after our mother’s funeral.  I’m so thankful to have been able to do this for family and friends.  Our mother was always involved in these when her church (in Pulaski) was still open.  It means so much and your beautiful warm church was a welcome sanctuary. Thank-you all.  –Jane Anne Moore for the Family of Grace Whirrett

Ten pies are needed for Mrs. Robison’s funeral meal at 11:00 at the Pulaski Community Center.  Many desserts are needed for the Pulaski Fire Department Open House on March 3.  See the sign-ups on the bulletin board to serve the community through your kitchen.  Thank-you!

Mennonite Mission Network
thanks Pulaski Mennonite Church for contributing $3,134.93 in 2011.  Your gifts, prayers and participation in mission help to create ministries of healing and hope across the street and around the world. –Stanley Green, Exec Director, Mennonite Missions
Note the ‘Thank-you poster’ on the bulletin board featuring a picture of the Chatenay-Malabry Mennonite Church located near Paris, France.

Crooked Creek Christian Camp
invites you to Exploring Foods and Farming; The Myth of Sustainability March 2-3, 2012. This conference is for anyone who eats food or produces food. This event will focus on bringing together producers and consumers to discuss and learn how we all can move towards more sustainable and restorative practices.  Contact Crooked Creek at 319-653-3611 for registration.  

We invite you to join us March 14-17th at our cabin on the Buffalo River in Arkansas for canoeing, hiking or just relaxing on our deck.  Our cabin is small with limited space, but we have yard space for tents and cabins for rent nearby at $50.00 per night.  Canoe rental is $63.00 per day,  hiking and relaxing free!  Contact us for more.  –Brenda & Alan Henderson

Scriptures for Lent # 1 – February 26 Worship

Genesis 9:8-17               Psalm 25:1-10   Mark 1:9-15              1 Peter 3:18-22
Prepare for worship by reading these selections this week

Travel to Honduras
on a Mennonite Central Committee Learning Tour April 20-30 and learn of MCC’s work with children, youth and the Honduran Mennonite Church.  Registration deadline is March 9 and trip cost is $1,500.  Call Maynard Knepp at 316-283-2720 to learn more.  

Read the Story is coming Monday, April 2 through Easter Sunday morning, April 8.  More details and a sign-up are coming as the PMC church family reads the entire Bible in 30 minute segments.

2012 Schedule for Nursing Home Worship Services:
February 19    2:00     Davis Center (Country)
March 18        2:15     Care Center (Town)  3:00 Long Term Care
May 20            2:15     Care Center (Town)   3:00 Long Term Care
July 15            2:00     Davis Center (Country)
October 7        2:00     Davis Center (Country)
December 16  2:15     Care Center (Town)   3:00 Long Term Care

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