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February 27, 2011 PDF Print E-mail

February 27, 2011

Prayer Group                                                                                       8:30 AM

Gathering/Coffee                                                                               9:15 AM
Sunday School Classes                                                                      9:30 AM

Children and youth meet in the church basement.  Adult classes are The Wired Word in the East Wing and That the World May Know in the basement office classroom.  Membership class meets in The Outback.  

Pre-Service Notes & Announcements                                              10:25 AM
Worship: We are a Royal Priesthood?                                             10:30 AM

Singing: Shine, Jesus Shine -Power Point/Piano
We Praise Thee O God –Blue Book # 99/Piano

Hearing the Word
Scripture:  Psalm 131:1-3 by Marla Piper
Scripture: Matthew 6:24-34 by Darrell Zook
Singing: Seek Ye First   -Power Point/Piano
Children’s Story-Chris Payne
Message: “Believers as a ‘Royal Priesthood’ ” – 1st Peter 2: 4-10, Hebrews 4 & 5 and Leviticus 8-10

Response to the Word
Singing: Heart With Loving Heart United –Blue Book # 420/Piano
Pastoral Prayer
Offering: Forney Missionary Family /Offertory by Jen Hopwood

Sending Blessing
Singing: May The Lord –Power Point/Piano

Family Night                                                                                         6:00 PM

It’s a movie night with features by C.S. Lewis and a kid-friendly feature as well.  Bring snacks/finger foods, drink provided.

This Week:
Today: 4:30 Prayer Small Group at The Church
Today: 6:00 Family Night at The Church: Movies, Snacks, Visiting
Monday: Pastors lunch @ Kalona with Mennonite Seminary president
Tuesday: 7:00 Deacon’s Meeting at the parsonage
Wednesday: 5:30 Nachos/6:00 AWANA
Saturday: 9:30 Baby Shower for Tricia & Mark Zook at The Church
Saturday: Youth/30 Hour Famine
Looking Ahead:
March 12: 9:00-4:00 Conference on Unity in Des Moines
March 20: 2:15 Care Center Worship/3:00 Long Term Care Worship
March 30: AWANA Last Night/Awards Night
April 17-24 Holy Week: Passover Meal/Good Friday/Prayer Vigil
April 24: Easter Breakfast/Worship/Baptisms/Membership Transfers
May 15: Potluck/Wedding Shower for Ryan Harker & Brenna Hale

Offerings on March 6 will support the General Fund of PMC. 

A baby shower for Mark & Tricia Zook is Saturday, March 5 at 9:30 at the church.  Mark & Tricia are expecting a baby boy and they are registered at Target and Walmart.

Central Plains Conference Council and staff invite leaders of every conference congregation to That the World May Know: A Conference on Christian Unity Saturday, March 12 from 9:00-4:00 at First Christian Church, Des Moines.  The purpose of the meeting is to recover a biblical view of unity Bible study and discernment.  Registration deadline is March 2.  More information on the reading table or at

Thank-you for your recent donation of $398.00 to Crooked Creek Christian Camp.  Your support is appreciated.  –Mary Lou Farmer, Administrator

Thank-you for your recent donation of $578.51 for the mission of Central Plains Mennonite Conference.  We are grateful for each one’s participation in the work of God in Central Plains.  –Monica Clem, Office Manager

A Wedding Shower for Brenna Hale & Ryan Harker is Sunday, May 15 with a noon potluck and gift opening.  Ryan and Brenna are registered at Target.

Living Within Your Means and College Planning are two subjects at Stewardship University, March 19 at Kalona, IA.  This event is a partnership between Everence (formerly MMA) and the faith community.  To find out more visit or call 877-656-4242.

While supplies last . . . Mennonite Mission Network prayer directories are available on the resource table with pictures and descriptions of missionaries around the world.  Please take a copy for your household.   

On the ‘Pastor’s Page’ of the Bulletin Board you’ll find Farmers Scrutinized But Raw Milk Still Popular, Bridge-Building Between Catholics & Evangelicals, Amish Man Raised $33 Million Charged With Fraud and Reversing Itself Navy Grants Ensign Conscientious Objector Status.

Pulaski Mennonite Church
is eligible for up to $2,000 in matching grants from Everence (formerly Mennonite Mutual Aid) in 2011 with community help, emergency gifts, and church/community projects.  If you’d like to know more visit with Keith/Gail Amstutz, local Everence advocates.

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