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September 11, 2011 PDF Print E-mail

September 11, 2011

Prayer Group                                                                                        8:30 AM

Sunday School Classes                                                                        9:30 AM

Children and youth meet in the church basement.  Adult classes gather in the church sanctuary today for Wired Word, bringing scripture and news of the day together for discussion.  The Bible Jesus Read, a DVD based class with Philip Yancey, meets in the basement office room.    

Notes & Announcements                                                                   10:25 AM
Worship Service                                                                                 10:30 AM

Singing: Great is the Lord –Blue Book #87
We Praise Thee O God! –Blue Book #99

Hearing the Word
Scripture:  Psalm 103:1-13 by Darrell Zook
Scripture: Romans 14:1-12 by Dean Amstutz
Singing: Be Thou My Vision –Blue Book # 545 (Vs. 1, 2 & 5)
Children’s Story
Message: “Your Missional Destiny: Subject or Object?” I Thess 5:12-24 & I Timothy 6:17-19   -Stanley Green of Mennonite Mission Network

Response to the Word
Singing: Here I Am Lord  -CD & Blue Book # 395
Pastoral Prayer
Offering: Fall Missions/Offertory by Jen Hopwood

Sending Song: God Sent His Son –Blue Book # 345

Potluck Meal                                                                                     Noon

Financial Peace University                                                              1:00 PM

Fall Meetings with Stanley Green                                                  6:00 PM
“Changes on the Road to Becoming Missional” –Luke 10:25-37

This Week:
Today: Fall Meetings with Stanley Green at 10:30 & 6:00 PM
Today: Potluck Meal at Noon
Today: 1:00 Financial Peace University Preview/Basement Outer Office
Monday: 7:00 Fall Meetings with Stanley Green/Mennonite Missions
Tuesday: 7:30 Monthly Church Council Meeting
Wednesday: 5:30 Eggs & Ham/6:00 AWANA/Baseball Night!
Wednesday: 7:30 Hesston College Rep with students & parents
Thursday: 9:30 SE Iowa Mennonite Ministers Meeting
Thursday-Saturday: Pulaski Corn Show

Looking Ahead:
September 18: 1:00 Financial Peace University Session # 1
September 18: 2:00 Davis Center (country) AND 3:00 LTC Worship
September 23: 4:00 Cider Pressing/Picnic at Eric Knapp farm
October 2: Communion in AM Worship
October 9: Share-the-Harvest Walk & Tractor Show

Welcome to Stanley Green, Executive Director of Mennonite Mission Network.  Stanley has just returned from three weeks in Asia and is our guest today and tomorrow between meetings in Florida and Kansas.  Stanley works from the Mennonite Mission Headquarters in Indiana.

Hesston College representative, Brent Brockmiller will be  here Wednesday evening at 7:30 (right after AWANA) with pizza!  He’d like to visit with junior high & senior high students and parents . . . to say hello, let you know where Emma Payne & Micah Zook are studying and give you a heads-up if you’d like to visit HC someday . . . and, visit about
preparing for college—no matter where you might study.  Pizza!

We have an unusual schedule for nursing home worship for next Sunday, September 18, with a 2:00 Davis Center (Country) service and then into town for a 3:00 worship service at Long Term Care.  Your presence is an encouragement to residents in singing and conversation.

Happy Birthday Milestone: Frances Hartzler will be celebrating  her 90th birthday on September 18, and her family is inviting the community to send cards and greetings to Frances at 604 W. Walnut, Bloomfield, 52537.
Our best wishes and ‘happy birthday’ to Frances!

Check the AWANA page of the bulletin board if you’d like to help with food for the weekly AWANA meals—or visit with Audrey Amstutz.  

Loaves & Fishes:
A Consultation on Children’s Ministry is Saturday, October 15 at Hidden Acres Christian Center near Dayton, Iowa.  This workshop is for anyone involved in ministry to children beyond Sunday School.  A bonus Friday night session is offered by Mary Ann Weber, managing editor for the Mennonite Sunday School children’s curriculum.  Register by October 5 at 

Four Ways 9/11 Changed America’s Attitude Toward Religion,
Home Canning Makes a Comeback, MDS Responding in Six East Coast States, God’s Strategy for Shalom and Seminary Students Range From Age 23 to 65
, are articles found on the Pastor’s Page of the Church Bulletin Board.  Also, look for the AWANA page of the bulletin board for schedules.

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