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August 25, 2013 PDF Print E-mail

August 25, 2013

Prayer Meeting                                                                         8:45 AM

Children’s Classes & Coffee                                                      9:30 AM
Sunday School classes for children through 6th grade will meet in the basement while coffee-and-looking-about is available for everyone else. A new Sunday School Quarter begins on September 1.

Worship                                                                                 10:30 AM
Gathering & Singing: Would You Be Free –by ‘The Bullfrog Choir’
Gideon’s Bible Distribution Ministry Presentation
Scripture Reading: Psalm 32:1-5 by Nora Knapp
Scripture Reading: Luke 13:10-17 by Dean Amstutz
Singing: There Is a Redeemer –Power Point/Guitar
Children’s Story-Debbie Knapp
Message: “How to Chase Monkeys Off Your Back”  *Scriptures Below*
Singing: Gentle Shepherd –Blue Book # 352/Guitar
Pastoral Prayer
Tithes & Offerings: Gideon’s Bible Ministry/Offertory by Paul Ramseyer
Closing Song: May the Lord, Mighty God –Guitar/Power Point

*Foundation Verse: “What happiness for those whose guilt has been forgiven! What relief for those who have confessed their sins and God has cleared their record.” Psalm 32:1–2 (TLB)

*Series Memory Verse: “I have seen how they acted but I will heal them, I will lead them and help them and I will comfort those who mourn. I offer peace to all near and far.” Isaiah 57:18 (GNB)

Offerings on September 1 will support the Church General Fund

Today: 6:00 PM Back-to-School Picnic at The Miller Farm, first house east of the church on 280th Street.  Bring a potluck dish & Tableware.   
Monday-Friday: Re-modeling work at the church building
Tuesday: 10:30 AM Pastor with Bible Study at Long Term Care
Tuesday: 7:00 PM AWANA Planning Meeting
Friday: 7:00 PM Baptism & Membership ‘Starting Place’ Meeting
September 1: 2:00 Worship Service at Davis Center (Country)
September 3: 7:30 Deacon’s Meeting
September 10: 7:30 Church Council Meeting
September 21-22: Fall Meetings with Loren Johns
September 25: 5:30 Meal/6:00 AWANA First Night/Pulaski Park
September 29: 4:00 PM Apple Cider Making at Eric Knapp Farm

Adults interested in Baptism & Membership are invited to visit with Darrell or Pat Zook about joining us for ‘Starting Place’ meetings that begin this week with baptism in November or December.

Sunday Class Notes: Children’s Sunday School classes meet in the church basement on September 1 for the new Sunday School Year.  On September 1, adults meet upstairs for The Wired Word.  A Bible Study elective for adults will begin on September 8.  See the teacher sign-up on the church bulletin board or visit with Chris Payne.

A Pulaski Community Blood Drive is Tuesday, September 3 at the Pulaski Fire Department from 2:30 to 7:00 PM.  Call 800-452-1097 or schedule an appointment online at  The next blood drive at PMC is on December 6. 

AWANA ‘First Night’ will launch on September 25 at the Pulaski Park with AWANA also meeting at the park on October 2.  The first night of AWANA in the PMC building is scheduled for October 9.

Thank-you for your financial pledges for the building re-modeling and for following through with contributions.  Several large balances will come due very soon, so continuing contributions are appreciated now. 

-Save the Dates-
October 13 at 2:00 PM: Share-the-Harvest Walk & Celebration
December 19 & 20: Mennonite Central Committee Meat Canner

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