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28026 275th Street, Bloomfield, IA 52537 | email: | 641-675-3845
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-Exercises in Water: Kincart Physical Therapy, 664-2145

-Walk/workout indoors: Mutchler Center, 900 E. North St, Bloomfield, 664-3939
    Daily, Monthly, 3-Month, Half-Year and Yearly Memberships
    (Daily is $3.00/Monthly is $16.05)
    Half Year Senior Citizen: $37.45
    Half-Year Adult: $69.55
    Half-Year Student: $48.15
    Family Packages available

    Yearly Senior Citizen $64.20
    Yearly Adult: $117.70
    Yearly Student: $90.95
    Family Packages available

-Totally Fit for Women: 102 E. Jefferson (North side of Square), Bloomfield, 664-1101
Contact Lynn Gravett about “Golden Oldies” at 2:00-3:00, Mon/Wed/Fri.  A free 14-day guest pass is available before deciding to pay fee. 

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