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February 11, 2018 PDF Print E-mail

February 11, 2018

Prayer Meeting/Library                                                              9:00 AM

Christian Education Classes                                                     9:30 AM
Children & Youth meet in the basement classrooms.  Adult classes include a Bible Study on The Life & Ministry of Jesus, meeting in the south basement classroom while The Case for Christ meets in the East Library Wing. Note future class schedules on the adjoining page.

Worship Service                                                                      10:30 AM
Singing: I Believe & Seek Ye First –Music Group/Power Point
Scripture: Isaiah 52:7-5 by Keith Amstutz
Scripture: Philippians 2:5-13 by Dean Amstutz
Children’s Story-Debbie Knapp
Pioneer Club Singing: This Little Light of Mine –CD/Power Point
Message: ‘Who is Jesus?’ –Apostles Creed # 4
Singing: In Christ Alone –Piano/Power Point
Pastoral Prayer
Offering: Church Buildings Fund-Offertory by Jennifer Ball
Sending Song: LORD, Prepare Me –Piano/Power Point

The February 18 offering supports the Church General Fund.

Baptism Preparation Classes will be offered on Sunday mornings, April 15 through May 13 at 9:30 with meetings in the pastor’s office.

February 18: ‘Conceived of the Holy Spirit-Born of the Virgin’ –Creed # 5
February 25: Guest Preacher-Curt Wyse of Kalona, IA
March 4: Suffered Under Pontius Pilate’ –Creed # 6
Tuesday: 6:30 Financial Peace Univ. @ 105 S. Dodge, Bloomfield
Wednesday: 5:30 Meal/6:00 Pioneer Club – 7:30 Church Council Meeting
Friday: 9:00 to 12:30 Blood Drive at PMC/Volunteer Host needed
February 25: Curt Wyse of Kalona, IA as guest preacher
March 4: Youth Taco Bar Fundraiser at Noon
March 21: Pioneer Club Last Night
March 29: 6:30 Paschal Lamb Meal/Communion/Service of Shadows
March 30-31: 30 Hour Technology Fast by Youth Group
March 31: 9:00-1:00 Share-the-Weight blanket event at PMC
April 1: 8:30 Breakfast/9:30 Sunday School/10:30 Easter Worship
April 15-May 13: Baptism Preparation Classes offered/Sundays @ 9:30
April 29: Noon Potluck & ‘Landscape’ Wedding Shower for Kyle & Abbey
May 13: Parent/Child Dedication in Morning Worship
June 5-9: Vacation Bible School 5:30-7:30 Passport to Peru

Thank-you for your support of the Church Library.  Donations of 615.00+ will help provide new books and resources.  The next round of new books will be for young and middle readers.

Wondering if you can keep pace with the Youth Group? They’ll serve a Taco Bar Fundraiser Lunch on March 4. On March 30 & 31 they’re doing a ’30-Hour Technology Fast’ during which time they’re serving lunch at The Blessings Soup Kitchen and sewing blankets for Share-the-Weight.  The blanket event is Saturday, March 31 from 9:00 to 1:00 at PMC and everyone is invited to join them (bring sewing machines).  Finally, Youth Group serves breakfast at 8:30 on Easter Morning. Whew!

After Hurricane, a Reblossoming in Puerto Rico, God Came to Me in My Cancer, Kenneth Pike and the Making of Wycliffe Bible Translators & SIL International, Creationism Isn’t About Science and the obituary of Art Rorheim, co-founder of AWANA, are featured items on The Pastor’s Plank of the Church Bulletin Board.

Adult Sunday School Classes Through May:
Feb 18: Digital Parenting and FaithWeaver Life of Christ
Feb 25: Digital Parenting and FaithWeaver Life of Christ
March 4-May 27: Twelve More Women of the Bible
March 4-April 8: Mission of Paul/Ray VanderLaan
April 15-May 27: Wiser Together/Studies from Proverbs/Bill Hybels

Birthdays and Anniversaries February 12 through February 18:
Kim Cowger-Feb 12; Craig Amstutz-Feb 18

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