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Worship Service - Previous Week
April 5, 2009 PDF Print E-mail

Gathering/Coffee/Snacks in Basement                9:00 AM

Sunday School Classes                                        9:15 AM
The Junior High Class and Bible class The Death & Resurrection of the Messiah meets in The Outback while Wired Word meets in the East Wing of the Sanctuary. The Youth and remaining children’s classes meet in the church basement.

Announcements & Church Life Notes                10:20 AM

Worship Service:                                               10:30 AM
Singing: "There is a Redeemer" –Power Point/Piano
Psalm 118:19-29-Pastor & Congregation/Power Point
"Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" –Power Point/Piano

Hearing the Word
Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-9
Scripture: Mark 11:1-11
Children’s Story: "Where’d You Get That Car?"
Message: "Jesus the King! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huh?"

Response to the Word
Singing & Pastoral Prayer
"All Glory, Laud & Honor" –HWB # 237 (Verses 1, 3 & 5)

Prayers/Confession/Words of Assurance
"Jesus, Remember Me" –CD/Power Point/HWB # 247
Offerings: Church General Fund/Offertory

Sending Blessing
Singing: "When I Survey" –HWB # 259 (Verses 1, 3 & 4)

Offerings on April 12 will support Mennonite Education Association .

This Week:
Today: 4:00 Set-up & Practice for Service of Darkness
Tuesday: 6:30 AWANA Leaders/Volunteers End-of-Year Meeting
Tuesday: 7:30 Monthly Deacon’s Meeting
Thursday: 7:00 Passover Lamb Meal/Communion/Service of Darkness
Friday: 7:00 Community Good Friday Service/Bloomfield
Friday-Saturday: Stations of the Cross Prayer Walk/Sign-up for Times

Looking Ahead:
April 12: Easter Morning: 9:00 Gathering/9:15 Classes/10:30 Worship
April 14: 7:30 Monthly Church Council Meeting
April 15: 7:30 Education Commission Meeting
April 26: Wedding Shower/Trisha Hickey & Mark Zook
May 5: Ladies Night Out/Cooking School
May 17: Wedding Shower/Tara Cosgrove & Ben Schooley
June 19-21: Central Plains Mennonite Conference at Freeman, SD
June 28-August 16: Shalom Readers Club/Camp out on July 25
June 30-July 5: Mennonite Church USA/Columbus, OH
July 15: Forney Missionary Family Program/Visiting
August 2-6: "Crocodile Dock" Vacation Bible School (Sun-Thurs)

Holy Week Worship & Prayer:
-Today is Palm Sunday . . . Jesus arrives one week before the Cross
-Thursday at 7:00: Passover Meal/Communion/Service of Darkness
-Friday/Saturday: Stations of the Cross Prayer Walk/See Sign-up Sheet
-Friday: 7:00 Community Good Friday Service/Old Savannah Church
at Davis County Historical Site, one block east of Casey’s in Bloomfield
-April 12: Easter Morning/Sunday School & Worship 9:15/10:30

Wedding Shower Notes:
April 26 for Mark Zook & Trisha Hickey will be a Sunday carry-in meal at the church. Trisha and Mark are registered at Target and Walmart.

May 17 for Ben Schooley & Tara Cosgrove also a Sunday carry-in meal. Ben & Tara are registered at Target, Herbergers, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Enjoy the new books arriving at the church library! You’ll find fiction arranged by author’s last name and guide cards for finding non-fiction books using the Dewey Decimal System. And, don’t miss the ‘traveling box’ books on the reading table! These books come from the big library in Newton, Kansas on a loan basis. Remember, circulation is vital to good health—so use the cards and enjoy!

-Psalm readings: Today-95, Monday-96, Tuesday-97, Wednesday-98, Thursday-99, Friday-100, Saturday-101, Sunday-102.

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