September 24, 2017 Print

September 24, 2017

Prayer Meeting                                                                         9:00 AM

Sunday School Classes                                                           9:30 AM

Children & youth meet in the basement. What Christians Believe & Why meets in the East Library Wing while Faithweaver Now-Genesis 1 to 21 meets in the South Basement Classroom.

Worship Service                                                                     10:30 AM
Call to Worship-Psalm 90 (The Psalm by Moses) -Red Book # 369
Singing: O God, Our Help in Ages Past –Red book # 370
In Christ Alone –Piano/Power Point/New Song
Scripture: Psalm 145:1-8 by Keith Amstutz  
Scripture: Philippians 1:21-30 by Dan Payne
Children’s Story by Nora Knapp
Singing: Higher Ground –Red Book # 469 (Vs. 1, 2 & 4) 
Message: ‘That’s the Last Straw!’ –Exodus 5-7 (Life of Moses Series)
Singing: Children of the Heavenly Father –Blue Book # 89
Pastoral Prayer
Offering-Rainbow Friends Pre-School-Offertory by Jennifer Ball
Sending Song: He is There With You (2x) –Blue Book # 585

Offerings for October 1 will support the Church General Fund

Message & Worship Themes for Late Summer/Early Fall
October 1: Passover Exodus 12:1-13  (Communion)
October 8: Fall Meetings with Michelle Armster of MCC
October 15: Living Through Spiritual Dry Years –Moses # 8
October 22: My Peace Treaty with God –Moses # 9

Wednesday: 5:30 Meal/6:00 Pioneer Club
October 1: World Communion Sunday
October 7-8: Rescheduled Fall Meetings with Michelle Armster
October 7: 6:30 Meal/Foods Resource Bank Project/Michelle Armster
Oct 8: 2:00/3:00 Nursing Home Worship services
Oct 22: 4:00 PM Fall Wiener Roast at Roger & Debbi Knapp farm
Nov 2: 11:30 AM Fall Harvest Seniors Meal at Pulaski Community Center
Nov 10: 6:00 Youth Soup Supper/7:00 Fall Auction

Rainbow Friends Pre-School is based at The Bloomfield United Methodist Church and provides a faith-based environment for youngsters that attend.  Derrick Mast, Abigail Jones, Tucker Amstutz and our neighbor, Brock Wuthrich attend Rainbow this year—with several others from PMC in past years.  Today’s offering will help support the pre-school.

Supper in place of a walk . . . Michelle Armster of MCC will provide information/stories of life in Central & South America where funds from the annual Share-the-Harvest are aimed.  Meat is provided for the 6:30 meal on Saturday, October 7, please bring a dish to share.  The walk may resume the following year if interest picks up.

Generosity Notes: An anonymous gift of $1,000 for Pioneer Club has arrived and, the waitresses at Pulaski Gas & Grill pooled a week’s worth of tips for a gift through PMC for Mennonite Disaster Service Flood Relief. PMC has also received thank-you notes for offerings to Mennonite Central Committee, Mennonite Disaster Service and Crooked Creek Camp.

Dear Friends at Pulaski . . . We want to let you know how much your recent gift meant to us.  It came at a time when Joy was praying about how to help some of our night guard’s children and neighbor children attend school.  When I (Joy) opened up your e-mail, I cried seeing how faithful God is to answer when we ask Him for help—and YOU were the answer!  So, many of the children you see in the photos are now able to go to school this term because of your generosity.  Thank-you!  -The Forney Family

Thank-you all for your thoughts and prayers in these difficult times.   We were blown away with all the amazing pies and the support shown to us on the day of Mom’s funeral.  We can never thank-you enough.     -Wray, Sam & Mike Fleming

The annual Fall Auction is November 10 with this year’s proceeds for Missionary Christmas bonuses, Church Helping Fund, Sound System upgrades and The Church General Fund.

Relief & Gratefulness After Hurricane Irma, Abraham:Forerunner Of The Faithful, Giving Trends of Millennials to Congregations, and How Many Churches Does America Have are featured articles on The Pastor’s Plank of the Church Bulletin Board this week.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is responding to many disasters around the world.  Learn more or give today by visiting

Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) is responding to damage in the U.S. from hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria.  Learn more about giving or volunteering at  MCC warehouses are very low on relief kits and comforters so donations are welcome.  Fall speaker Michelle Armster is from the Central States office of Mennonite Central Committee and will have more information when she visits October 7 & 8 at PMC.