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Gathering/Coffee/Snacks in Basement                                            9:00 AM

Sunday School Classes                                                   9:15 AM
The Junior High Class and Bible class The Death & Resurrection of the Messiah meets in The Outback while Wired Word meets in the East Wing of the Sanctuary. The Youth and remaining children’s classes meet in the church basement.

Announcements & Church Life Notes                           10:20 AM

Worship: Gathering/Call to Worship                             10:30 AM
Scripture/Singing: Psalm 4 & "Shine, Jesus, Shine" -Piano/Power Point
Scripture/Singing: Luke 24:36-48 & "Thy Word" -Piano/Power Point
Children’s Story:
Message: "Courage & Compassion: A Response to Iowa’s Court"

Response to the Word
Singing: "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" –HWB # 523 (1, 2 & 5)
Pastoral Prayers

Offerings: Lord’s Cupboard/Offertory

Sending/Singing: "Gentle Shepherd" –HWB # 352

Noon Potluck Meal/Wedding Shower
Today’s fellowship meal and wedding shower is for Mark Zook and Patricia Hickey as they prepare for their June 6 wedding day.

Davis Care Center (Country) Worship                               2:00 PM
Contact Paul Ramseyer to help with this worship service.

Evening Meeting: "How We are Wired—and UnWired"       5:00 PM
A look at relational circumstances we find and thinking of responses. Presentation, Question/Answer & Resources. A 60-90 minute meeting.

This Week:
Today: Noon potluck/Wedding Shower/Mark Zook & Patricia Hickey
Today: 2:00 Worship Service at Davis Center (Country)
Today: 5:00-6:30 "How We are Wired—and Sometimes Un-Wired"

Looking Ahead:
May 3: May-Day Noon Lunch for the Ladies/Hosted by Men & BoysMay 5: Ladies Night Out/Cooking School
May 17: Wedding Shower/Tara Cosgrove & Ben Schooley
May 29-30 Iowa Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale/Iowa City
June 19-21: Central Plains Mennonite Conference at Freeman, SD

Thank-you for your recent contribution of $940.76 which allows MCC to reach out to feed the hungry, comfort the afflicted, send children to school, build peaceful communities and respond to natural disasters.
                              -Arli Klassen, Mennonite Central Committee Executive Director

Wedding Shower: May 17 for Ben Schooley & Tara Cosgrove also a Sunday carry-in meal. Ben & Tara are registered at Target, Herbergers, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Saturday June 20 at Central Plains Annual Meeting
1. Punks, Monks & Radicals: Embodying the Gospel in Our World
2. Faith Formation in the Home by Marlene Bogard
3. The Corinthian Plan: Explaining the new MCUSA Health Care Plan
4. Hymn Sing by Galen Kauffman
5. Safe Sanctuaries: Preventing Child Abuse in the Congregation
6. What is God Up to in Ecuador? Stories of 10 years of Mission
7. Taking the ‘and’ Out of Worship and Witness: The Story of Christ Community Church in Des Moines and classic liturgy in worship.
Registration materials and information for the annual Central Plains Mennonite Conference is found on the Reading Table.

Thank-you for your recent offerings of $539.00 for Mennonite Mission Network and $518.70 for Mennonite Mission Education Association.
                                  -Central Plains Mennonite Conference Office

Offerings on May 3 will support the PMC General Fund for utilities, pastoral salary, Sunday School material, office supplies etc.

-Psalm readings: Today-116, Monday-117, Tuesday-118, Wednesday-119, Thursday-120, Friday-121, Saturday-122, Sunday-123.


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