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April 28, 2019

Music Group Meeting/Sanctuary                                             8:45 AM
Prayer Meeting/Pastor’s Office                                               9:10 AM

Christian Education Classes                                                     9:30 AM
Youth and Children’s classes meet in the basement classrooms. An adult class, Is Genesis History meets in the East Library Wing through mid-June

Worship Service                                                                       10:30 AM
Singing: Music Group & Congregation
Scripture: Ezekiel 36:24-28 by Montie Wuthrich
Scripture: Hebrews 10:19-25 by Amy Wuthrich
Children’s Story by Debbie Knapp
Message: ‘To Encourage One Another’ –Hebrews 10:19-25
Baptismal Service: Chad & Meleia Wuthrich
Singing: Just As I Am –Red Book # 417
Baptismal vows & blessing
Scriptures & Comment-Chad & Meleia
Singing: I Need The Prayers of Those I Love –Song Sheet/Piano
Baptism & Greetings
Singing: We Praise Thee O God –Blue Book # 99
Pastoral Prayer
Offering: Lord’s Cupboard Food Bank-Offertory by Jennifer Ball
Blessing & Sending: LORD, Prepare Me

Celebration Meal                                                                           Noon
Everyone is invited to the meal in the church basement after worship today.

Offerings on May 5 will support the Church General Fund.

May 5: May Day Lunch by Men & Boys
May 11: Youth Babysitting Fundraiser
May 31-June 1: Iowa Mennonite Relief Sale in Iowa City
June 7-8: Vacation Bible School: 4:30 -6:30 PM/Plus Saturday Picnic
June: Crooked Creek Christian Camps-See Bulletin Board for details
June 12: Steve Swartz, CMC Minister visit
June 16: 8:30 AM Donuts With Dad/Youth Sunday
July 7: Communion in AM Worship
July 13: Ice Cream Social and Yard Games
July 26-28: Multiply Conference with CMC at Plain City, Ohio
July 31: 7:00 PM Pioneer Club Planning Night for 2019-2020

Iowa Mennonite Relief Sale-May 31 & June 1:
PMC is providing a beef and two hogs for the annual Mennonite Relief Sale.  If you’d like to help with those expenses, contact Mindy Amstutz.
To volunteer at the sale call 319-631-2461 or www.iamccreliefsale.org
The Quilt Committee of the Relief Sale would like all quilts turned in by Tuesday. Call Donna Rinner at 319-591-0961 if you have questions.

May Calendars are in your church mailbox today or, on ‘the ledge’ in the church foyer hallway.

Vacation Bible School information, the latest on Mennonite Disaster Service projects, Alan Henderson’s Appalachian Trail progress, Easter coloring pages and Crooked Creek Camp schedules all may be found on a church bulletin board on your way out today.

Sunday Messages & Themes Through May:
May 5: ‘This is Not a Drill’ –Hebrews 10:26-31
May 12: ‘An Effective Faith’ –Hebrews 11:1-19
May 19: Guest Preacher
May 26: ‘Run for Your Life!’ –Hebrews 12:1-13

Sunday Class News for Spring & Summer:
Children & Youth thru May: Present & FaithWeaver curriculum
Children & Youth June-Aug: Combined classes/Pioneer Club material
Adult Offerings Apr 28-June 16: Is Genesis History in East Library Wing
Adult Offerings June 23-July 28: Living Unafraid & Wired Word
Adult Offerings August: The Miracles of Jesus & Wired Word