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September 15, 2019 PDF Print E-mail

Music Group Practice                                                                 8:45 AM

Prayer Meeting                                                                            9:10 AM

Christian Education Classes                                                       9:30 AM


Ø Youth and Children's classes meet in the basement classrooms.

Ø Adult classes – The Miracles of Jesus will meet in the East Library Wing


Worship Service                                                                     10:30 AM


Worship Leader:  Bryan Amstutz

Singing: Children's Music

Children's Story- Debbie Knapp

Singing: Lord, Listen to Your Children – Blue Book #353

Scripture:  Isaiah 9: 1-7 by Dan Payne

Scripture: Matthew 4: 18-22 by Chris Payne

Message: "Don't Miss the Boat"** – Curt Wyse

Singing: Children of the Heavenly Father – Blue Book #616

Pastoral Prayer

Offering: Mission Fund –

(Offering Attendants: Mary Yoder & Cole Wuthrich)


Blessing & Sending: Lord, Prepare Me – PowerPoint

**This sermon is considered "biblical fiction."  Please understand that I've taken liberties to fill in details not found in the Scriptures, but I believe there are still lessons that can be learned from it.

**Offerings on September 22 will support the General Fund

Calendar of Events

Today: Guest Speaker – Curt Wyse

Sept. 18: Pioneer Club First Night

Sept. 22: Guest Speaker – Mark Wagner

Sept. 22: Cider Making

Sept. 29: Guest Speaker – James Schooley

Oct. 6: World Communion Sunday

Oct. 20: Fall Wiener Roast @ Roger & Debbie Knapp's

Please save the date and join us for Senior Day at Crooked Creek Christian Camp on Thursday, Oct. 17 as we welcome S. Roy Kaufman author of Healing God's Earth:  Rural Community in the Context of Urban Civilization. Please check the website or call the camp office for more information.

Interested in Hosting? – We are looking for church family members who would be willing to host our Guest Speakers for dinner on the Sunday's they come and speak.  If you are interested in hosting a Guest Speaker, please visit with Chris Payne.  Thank you.

Please join us – The Annual Apple Cider Press gathering will be held September 22nd at 4:00pm. at the Craig Amstutz farm.  The church will be providing BBQ chicken and hot dogs – so please bring side dishes and desserts.  Any questions can be directed to Craig & Jacki Amstutz.

Rainbows & Friends Christian Preschool – We will be taking an offering on October 13th to help provide funds for the local Christian Preschool.

Welcome to the World – Sutton Grace Johnson was born Aug. 5th to Brett & Hannah Johnson and Stetson Richard Reed was born Aug. 29th to Brandon & Cecil Reed.  Congratulations!

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people." At once they left their nets and followed him.

Matthew 4: 19-20



Looking for a way to serve as the hands and feet of God? - Mennonite Central Committee has vacancies that could be just right for you!
MCC Representative(s) for Northeast AsiaThis position maintains relationships with MCC partners in Democratic People Republic of Korea

and South Korea and represents MCC to churches, agencies, community groups and their leaders, and the government.

MCC Representative(s) for Ukraine: This position provides leadership and programmatic direction to the Ukraine program. MCC Ukraine currently works in the areas of Material Resources, Education, Health, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Peace.

For more information about these opportunities -- and more! -- visit!

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