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October 27, 2019 PDF Print E-mail

October 27, 2019


Music Group Practice                                                                 8:45 AM

Prayer Meeting                                                                           9:10 AM

Christian Education Classes                                                      9:30 AM

Ø Youth and Children's classes meet in the basement classrooms.

Ø Adult classes – Letters to the Church will meet in the East Library Wing

Worship Service                                                                        10:30 AM

Worship Leader: Bryan Amstutz

Singing: Worship Group & Congregation


Offering: Peace & Outreach –

(Offering Attendants: Andrea Yoder & Mary Yoder)

(Piano: Paisley Yoder)

Pastoral Prayer

Children's Story- Nora Knapp

Scripture: Psalm 119: 6-16 by Debbie Knapp

Scripture: Revelation 21: 1-5 by Roger Knapp

Singing: The Cross Has the Final Word – Piano/PowerPoint

Message: "My Life Verses"  by Mark Wagner

Blessing, Sending, & Singing: "Well Done" by Mark Wagner


**Offerings on November 3rd will support PMC General Fund


Calendar of Events

Today: Guest Speaker – Mark Wagner

Oct. 30: Pioneer Club [Meal-5:30  Club-6:00]

Nov. 3: Guest Speaker – Roger Farmer

Nov. 7: Fall Harvest Seniors Meal

Nov. 8: Fall Auction (Soup Supper – 6:00   Auction – 7:00)

Nov. 10: Guest Speaker – Mark Wagner

Nov. 12: Blood Drive (2:30 – 6:30) – Host: Debbie Knapp

Greeters – We are looking for volunteers to be Greeters for the months of November and January.  If you are interested, please visit with Chris Payne or Amy Wuthrich.


Interested in Hosting? – We are looking for church family members who would be willing to host our Guest Speakers for dinner on the Sundays they come and speak.  If you are interested in hosting a Guest Speaker, please visit with Chris Payne.  Thank you.


The Mennonite Disaster Service Region 3 Annual Meeting will be held on Nov 8 & 9, 2019 at Faith Mennonite Church, Minneapolis, MN.  An invitation with details and registration is available in the church office. This information can be found on this web site:


Volunteer with SWAP: Sharing With Appalachian People (SWAP) is a program of MCC Great Lakes, addressing multiple challenges of low-income families in Appalachia, including home repair and personal need. Groups of all ages are an essential component of SWAP's ministry and can now sign up for 2020. Please consider forming a group, large or small, to come and experience a week at one of the locations in West Virginia or Kentucky. For more information go to or call Angela Maggard at 606-633-5065.


Upcoming programs and events at Crooked Creek:
Nov. 12
Annual Meeting 
Nov. 15-16 Craft Retreat* from 9am-9pm
Nov. 16 Wood Cutting Day starting at 8:00
Jan. 3-5 Winterfest* for grades 6th-8th
*Please sign-up or register online prior to event

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