December 8, 2019 Print

December 8, 2019

Music Group Practice                                                                 8:45 AM

Prayer Meeting                                                                            9:10 AM

Christian Education Classes                                                      9:30 AM

Ø Youth and Children's classes meet in the basement classrooms.

Ø Adult classes – Letters to the Church will meet in the East Library Wing

Worship Service                                                                        10:30 AM

Worship Leader: Dean Amstutz


Advent Reading: 2nd Sunday of Advent

Singing: Worship Group & Congregation

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 11: 1-10 by Jen Ball

Scripture Reading: Romans 15: 4-13 by Nora Knapp

Pastoral Prayer

Children's Story

Offering: Mission Fund –

(Offering Attendants: Fiona Amstutz & Jesse Mast)

Singing: Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus – Blue Book #178

Message: by Dick Swartzendruber

Singing: O Come, All Ye Faithful – Blue Book #212

Blessing & Sending

Singing: May the Lord, Mighty God – PowerPoint/Piano


**Offerings on December 15th will support the General Fund

Calendar of Events

Today: Guest Speaker – Dick Swartzendruber

Dec. 11: Pioneer Club  (5:30 meal – 6:00 club meeting)

Dec. 11: Council Meeting – (7:30 pm)

Dec. 15: Guest Speaker – Curt Wyse

Dec. 15: Christmas Caroling (4:00 pm)

Dec. 22: Guest Speaker – Mark Wagner

Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Program (6:00 pm)

Practice Times for the Christmas Eve Program-

Ø Sunday, December 8th after church- we will have a lunch for the kids and practice afterwards. Parents may pick kids up around 1:30- 1:45.

Ø Monday, December 23rd 4:00- Practice is at the church and we plan on being done by 5:30- 6:00.

Ø Tuesday, December 24th Christmas Eve Program- Kids should arrive at the church by 4:00 PM.  We will have a light snack for them before the program.  Program starts at 6:00.

If you have any questions, please visit with Kari Jones.

Annual Booklet – The end of the year is fast approaching.  Please remember to begin working on the annual reports and turn them into Nora Knapp at your earliest convenience.

Sign-Up Sheets – Sign-up sheets for 2020 are posted on the bulletin board for the various committees of the church.  Please stop by and add your name to a committee that you are interested in serving on.

Nomination Ballot – Please remember to fill out your nomination ballot and turn it back in by December 15th.

Meat Canner – The meat canner is coming to Kalona.  This is the last week we will have a free-will offering basket in the vestibule to receive donations to be given towards the meat canner.


New Year's Eve – We will be hosting a New Year's Eve gathering, including finger foods, games, and movies.  One movie option is "I Can Only Imagine" which will be an adult Sunday School class offered at the beginning of the year.

Upcoming programs and events at Crooked Creek:
Jan. 3-5
Winterfest* for grades 6th-8th

*Please sign-up or register online prior to event

MCC Announcements:

All MCC volunteers and alumni are invited to our annual come-and-go MCC Christmas Soiree on Thursday, December 12 from 5-7 p.m. at MCC in North Newton (121 E. 30th). We will have food, Christmas cheer and plenty of time for fellowship. At 6 p.m. we'll pause for a short program about Christmas around the world from our International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) participants. You don't want to miss this annual event!

Our cup runneth over! 2020 is the 100th anniversary of Mennonite Central Committee! Organized as a collaboration of Mennonite churches in 1920 to assist Russian Mennonites caught in the crisis of drought and war, MCC has provided disaster relief, development and peacebuilding work around the world since those early years. Join the Iowa Mennonite Relief Sale as we celebrate and give towards MCC's cup that truly runneth over! Consider giving $100 for 100 years of Mennonite Central Committee. Donations can be made via PayPal at or mailed to PO Box 234, Kalona, Iowa 52247. Thank you!