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28026 275th Street, Bloomfield, IA 52537 | email: | 641-675-3845
January 19, 2020 PDF Print E-mail

Music Group Practice                                                                 8:45 AM

Prayer Meeting                                                                            9:10 AM

Christian Education Classes                                                       9:30 AM

Ø Youth and Children's classes meet in the basement classrooms.

Ø Adult classes:

- I Can Only Imagine will meet in the Library Wing

- Sensible Shoes will be meeting in 2 groups - please check the board in the vestibule for groups and meeting              rooms 

Worship Service                                                                           10:30 AM

Worship Leader:  Kyle Payne


Singing: Worship Group & Congregation

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 49:1-7 - by Amy Wuthrich

Scripture Reading: - John 1:29-42 - by Nora Knapp

Pastoral Prayer

Children's Story –

Offering: Mennonite Central Committee

(Offering Attendants: Jesse Mast & Tucker Amstutz)

Singing: My Hope is Built – Blue Book #343

Message: Question #3 – "Why am I Here?"

Singing: Be Thou My Vision – Blue Book #545

Blessing & Sending

Singing: God be with You – PowerPoint/Piano (Red Book)

**Offerings on January 26th will support CMC

Calendar of Events

  • Today: Nursing Home and Davis Center Worship
  • Jan. 15: Pioneer Club Meeting  (5:30 Meal – 6:00 Meeting)
  • Jan. 26: Noon Potluck after the Service
  • Jan. 31: Blood Drive at PMC
  • Feb. 14: Marriage & Money Livestream – Youth babysitting
  • Feb. 26: Ash Wednesday: Season of Lent Begins

Today! - Our church has been asked to fill in at the Bloomfield Care Center and Davis Center this Sunday. Please join us for worship at the Care Center at 2, followed by the Davis Center at 3.


Deacon Nominations –The new term starting in 2020 will have two candidates that will appear on the ballot during the annual Church Business Meeting in January.  The candidates will be Keith & Gail Amstutz (Deacon couple) and Dean Amstutz (Deacon).  We ask that you prayerfully consider who you would like to serve this term.

Blood Drive – Pulaski Mennonite Church will be hosting another blood drive on January 31st.  We are looking for a volunteer to be our host for this activity.  If you are interested, please visit with Chris Payne or Amy Wuthrich.

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