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28026 275th Street, Bloomfield, IA 52537 | email: | 641-675-3845
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Welcome to Worship at

Pulaski Mennonite Church

28026 270th Street   Bloomfield, IA  52537

641-675-3845     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


PMC Information Line: 675-3300     Fb

Pastor Ron & Becky Wenger (641-675-3329 or 918-613-2138)

Deacons: Dan & Chris Payne and Keith & Gail Amstutz


July 19, 2020

No Sunday School

Prayer Meeting 10:10 AM

Worship Service                                                                               10:30 AM

Worship Leader:  Dan Payne


Singing: Worship Team

Scripture Reading: - Psalms 19 by Silas Wenger

Scripture Reading: - Romans 6:3-11 by Craig Amstutz

Pastoral Prayer

Children’s Story – Deb Knapp

Offering: PMC General Fund

(Offering Attendants: Brandt Amstutz & Tucker Amstutz )

Wonderful Grace of Jesus - Wenger Family

Message: Angry Enough to Kill?

Singing:  - Whiter Than Snow - #109 in Red Book

Blessing & Sending

Singing: Lord Prepare Me – PowerPoint/Piano


Discussion questions

  1. Can a person kill another person without hate, lust, or envy?

  2. Can a person kill another person and still love that person?


**Offerings on July 26 - CCCC

Calendar of Events

  • August 1 - PCM picnic at Eli & Maggie Mast

  • August 4 - Blood Drive at PMC

  • August 12 - Council Meeting

Sign up sheet on bulletin board for children’s story.

Teachers Needed!

Sign up sheet on the bulletin board for primary department Sunday School Teachers, starting in September.  Contact Kari Jones if you have questions.

July Birthdays

[4-Maggie Mast] [7-Karla Knapp] [10-Marla Piper] [18-Virginia Berryman] [20-Ron Wenger] [21-Linda Stogdill] [ 22-Wesley Amstutz] [29-Cheyanne Yoder] [30-Baxter Knapp]

July Anniversaries

[12-Nelson & Delilah Yoder] [14-Aaron & Mindy Amstutz] [24-J.L. & Linda Stogdill] [28-Brian & Karla Knapp]

Please let Nora Knapp know if we have missed your birthday or anniversary!

Womens’ Bible Study

“Children of The Day” Based on 1 & 2 Thessalonians

Start date: Friday, July 24 - 9-11 am - There will be 9 Fridays

Where: PMC Library (change of location due to social distancing)

Cost: $16.00 for lesson book - Books are here!  See Becky for pick up.

Contact: Becky Wenger - 918-508-6434

or Patty Berryman at 614-777-3023

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