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28026 275th Street, Bloomfield, IA 52537 | email: | 641-675-3845
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Gathering/Coffee in Basement                          9:00 AM

Sunday School Classes                                      9:15 AM
Childrens and Youth Classes meet in the church basement while the "Nooma" Series meets in The Outback and The Wired Word meets in the East Wing.

Announcements & Church Life Notes              10:20 AM

Worship Service                                              10:30 AM
Singing: "Our God Reigns" –Power Point/Piano
Old Testament Reading: Psalm 34:15-22
New Testament Reading: Ephesians 6:10-20
Children’s Story:
Message: "Life in the Family—Elder Care"

Response to the Word
Singing: "My Life Flows On" –HWB # 580 (Vs. 1, 2 & 4)
Pastoral Prayers
Offerings: Missionary Family/Offertory

Sending Blessing
Closing Song: "Amazing Grace" –HWB # 143 (Vs. 1, 2, 3 & 6)

Offerings on August 30 will support Gideon’s Bible Ministry

AWANA First Night is September 9! Watch the Bulletin Board and listen for announcements for ways to be a part of this ministry to church and community children.

The Annual Fall Meetings move to September 20 & 21 with Dave Boshart, pastor of the West Union Mennonite Church of Parnell, IA. The date change is to help Dave with his travel and ministry schedule.

Looking Ahead:
August 30: A new Sunday School Year beginsSeptember 6: Noon Potato Bar/Library Fundraiser
September 9: 5:30 Meal/6:00 AWANA First Night
September 19: Pulaski Corn Show
September 20-21: Fall Meetings with Dave Boshart of Parnell, IA
September 27: 4:00 Fall Apple Cider Press
October 4: 2:00 Share-the-Harvest Celebration/Tractor Show & Walk

                           August 30 – A New Sunday School Year – August 30

                 Preschool – Keith Amstutz K,                                1st & 2nd – Roger Knapp

             3rd, 4th & 5th – Dean Amstutz                                  6,7,8th Grade – Clyde Knapp

                                                             Youth – Dan Payne

                             Wired Word (Bible & News): Dave Schooley, Bryan & Craig Amstutz

                          Ladies Class: ("I Saw the Lord" by Anne Graham Lotz) – Kathy Schooley

Share-the-Harvest includes 50 acres of soybeans and 10 acres of alfalfa farmed by Dan Payne, Keith Amstutz and Chad Wuthrich. Harvest profits are used by Foods Resource Bank to help farmers and villages around the world to produce their own food. The annual celebration of Share-the-Harvest includes an Antique Tractor Show and Harvest Walk Sunday, October 4 from 2:00-4:30 at The Bloomfield United Methodist Church. PMC helps raise funds to pay farming expenses with an offering on September 27 or, walkers may find sponsors for the one-mile and three-mile walk. . . ‘one row’ for $10.00 and a full acre for $200.00.

Crooked Creek Christian Camp: Summer may be winding down but the Fall Schedule at Camp includes an All-Day Canoe Trip on Saturday, September 5 on the Skunk River. Lunch and snacks are included. Also, an outdoor sing-a-long is Sunday evening, September 13 at 6:00 at the camp. Check the website, newsletter or your church mailbox for more details.

Congratulations to Hannah Knapp for being a great representative of our community as Davis County Fair Queen at the Iowa State Fair!

Thank-you for all the nice congrats from everyone on our anniversary! We received more than 100 cards and a bunch of e-mails . . . ‘twas exciting! Thanks to everyone at Pulaski. –Roger & Rachel Wyse

Faith 101 helps prepare for baptism and membership in Pulaski Mennonite Church. A Faith 101 class is offered in the Sunday School Hour (9:15-10:15) on September 6, 13, 20 and 27th. Visit with Darrell Zook if you’d like more information.

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