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28026 275th Street, Bloomfield, IA 52537 | email: | 641-675-3845
December 6, 2009 PDF Print E-mail

Gathering                                                                               9:00 AM

Sunday School Classes                                                            9:15 AM
Children’s and Youth Classes meet in the church basement. For adults, The Wired Word, a class with scripture and current events, meets in the East Wing and a Bible Study, Jesus the Messiah meets in The Outback.

Announcements & Church Life Notes                                    10:20 AM

Worship Service: Advent # 2 Call to Worship                        10:30 AM
Adoration: God With Us-Primary Sunday School Students
Singing: "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" –HWB # 201/Paul Ramseyer

Hearing the Word
Old Testament: Malachi 3:1-4 by Kari Jones
New Testament: Luke 1:68-79 by Dean Amstutz
Children’s Story by Kathy Schooley
Message: "The Story Behind the Christmas Story" –Part Two

Response to the Word
Singing: "Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus" –HWB # 178/CD
Pastoral Prayers
Tithes/ Offerings: Church General Fund/Offertory by Paul Ramseyer

Sending Blessing
Singing: "The First Noel" –HWB # 199 (Verses 1, 2 & 5) -Paul

Please leave deacon nominations with Keith Amstutz or Dave Schooley or Dean Amstutz in the church foyer as you leave today. Thanks!

Offerings on December 13 will support Mennonite Disaster Service, a volunteer organization that responds to households and communities that have been harmed by natural disasters.

This Week:
Tuesday: 7:30 Monthly Church Council Meeting
Wednesday: 5:30 Meal /6:00 AWANA "Christ is Born!"/Pajama Night
Friday: 9:00-1:00 Blood Drive at PMC
Saturday: 11:00 Blue Christmas service/lunch—see insert for details.

Looking Ahead:
December 20: Noon-Library Potato Bar/1:00 Travis Martin Pictures
December 20: 2:00 Davis Center (Country) Worship Service
December 21-22: Mennonite Central Committee Meat Canner, Cantril
December 24: 6:00 Christmas Eve Service, Christmas Carols Come Alive!
January 3: Communion elements in AM Worship Service
January 11: Youth Council/Volunteers Meal and Planning
January 16: 1:00 Annual Church Members Business Meeting

It is time to nominate a decaon (deacon couple) for a four-year term as Dave & Kathy Schooley’s term ends in January. Anyone participating in the congregation may nominate "a member in good standing." The three nominees named most often will stand for election at the January 16 business meeting when church members will vote. Dave & Kathy are eligible for re-nomination. Nomination papers are being distributed today and collected at the end of the service. If you have questions about the nomination and voting process, contact Council Chair Dean Amstutz.

To the Church: This is one of the kindest deeds we have ever had done! Thanks, people, for a new roof on home and garage! -Bradley & Judy Rook

Offering Notes: Last Week’s Local Needs Offering totaled $1,999.00. We’ve added local needs funds from the Buell McCash Fund so that $1,800.00 was used to help a Bloomfield household with a new roof and repairs and another $1,300.00 will help Pulaski community households with propane bills this winter. The November 15 offerings for the Mennonite Central Committee Meat Canner totaled $4,116.00. Those funds have been delivered so the local committee may purchase turkey and supplies for canning days on December 21 & 22 at Cantril.

The Library Potato Bar has moved to December 20 at noon with a special guest at 1:00 presenting "Where Does All That MCC Meat Go?" Travis Martin of Memphis, MO has recently returned from a European trip with Mennonite Central Committee, following the MCC meat. Travis will have pictures and stories after the potato bar. Travis is one of the members of the local committee that plans for the Meat Canner to stop in Cantril.

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